Together In Electric Dreams (Giorgio Moroder, Philip Oakey) cover by Craig Frost

Garageband Challenge – All sounds and effects are from the free set included with the program. Mixed and mastered in Garageband.


I’m a member of a FaceBook group called we love 1980’s music and someone posted this song. I had completely forgotten it and the movie Electric Dreams. It just so happens I was getting ready to cover the song Never Ending Story and decided this fell in the same similar group and they were both written by the electronic music master Giorgio Moroder (who also wrote “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun). I took the liberty to mess around a bit with the opening to make it my own a bit. It’s close but not note for note. I’m still looking for a vocal track. I know it’s out there because I’ve heard some remixes from some DJs and they aren’t responding to my request. To be fair they are in other countries.

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