Axel F. – Cover by Craig Frost

Garageband Challenge – All sounds and effects are from the free set included with the program. Mixed and mastered in Garageband.



The theme song for detective Axel Foley played by Eddie Murphy in the movie Beverly Hills Cop is simple and a bit cheesy but very memorable. It was the fastest I’ve ever made one of these. The lead riff was originally played on a Roland Jupiter 8 while the bass line was from a Moog. The xylophone played on a Yamaha DX7 and the drums are from the Lynn Drum box. I did the best I could and some of the sounds I think I nailed pretty well. The bass and drums I wasn’t happy with but it’s Garageband. What do you expect? Lots of reverb and delay on this puppy.

Because this is an instrumental I don’t plan on playing it live in a band setting. I will take key parts and add it into a grand medley of classic (epic) synth riffs that will play at the opening of a performance. Kind of a sound check opportunity.

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