Don’t You Want Me – The Human League cover by Craig Frost

Garageband Challenge – All sounds and effects are from the free set included with the program. Mixed and mastered in Garageband.

With original vocal track

Instrumental version


Sound Design-

Synth Guitar:
The hardest part for me was the funk synth guitar riff that plays in the background throughout most of the song. I spent a day trying different things like a wah-wah pedal and some arpeggios. I finally figured out it was just a succession of 16th notes with accents like in drumming. It was a duh moment and I quickly got it sequenced. I heavily EQed the high midrange and added guitar amp, mic, and some pedals to juice the sound but it’s still missing a hollow bell-like quality. Oh well.

First sound I tried.

Final version.


Bass Guitar:
I used the Taureg Moon Bass with Smooth on the transform pad. Didn’t need to change anything.


Horn Stabs:
I used 2 tracks to layer the sounds.

More to come…

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