Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran cover by Craig Frost

Garageband Challenge – All sounds and effects are from the free set included with the program. Mixed and mastered in Garageband.

With original vocals


Remastered on 1/5/2017 to be louder with less distortion

127 BPM 

Sound Design –

Signature “popcorn” arpeggio sound:
Originally created on a Roland Jupiter 4, I’ve recreated it with the Synth Basics / Vintage Computer sound using Random / 3 octaves range settings.
Here is the settings I used to get the right sound…

Then I use the Sample Delay plugin to spread it to both sides of the stereo spectrum. Platinum Reverb was added as well as the Chorus effect. Problem with this sound is because it’s a random note generator, each time I save out a copy of the song the notes change. It’s very subtle but I had to export several copies until I was somewhat satisfied with the way the notes were played in most of the song. I guess if I wanted to be a control freak I could take the time and sequence each note myself so it plays the same way every time.


I used 2 guitar sounds. The first is the standard Rock Guitar with distortion, chorus and flanger pedals. The second guitar sound I had to use a synth strings sound and add 4 distortion pedals because the normal guitar sound breaks apart on low notes and I needed to emulate low hand muted 8th notes in the chorus in between power chords with the Rock Guitar. It’s not great but the only thing I could do.

Bass Guitar:
This is the Picked Bass sound and I EQed it to bring out the high frequencies. I also had to use a 2nd track with the same sound to boost the accented high notes in the chorus to make them louder and brighter with more EQ.

The drums took many kits and tracks to get them how I wanted. I used the kick from the “” kit and EQed the high end for more slap. I used the snare from the “” kit, tuned it up and EQed the mid range. The kick and snare are extremely loud based on the original. I had to use other kits for the electric toms and added heavy amounts of tuning and effects to get as close to the classic Simmons sound.

More to come…

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