ASPiRE Interactive Movie

My plans for creating a “Choose your own adventure” style movie about the rise and fall of humanity at the hands of one. The video will have a comic magazine style and flare and the story will be driven by the soundtrack and visuals with no dialogue. This is my challenge accepted.


A generation after the great divide between the rich and the working class finds our world at odds once again, this time with biology and machinery. Now fully recovered from the global virus outbreak of 2047 that leveled the playing field once and for all, bridging the gap in society, and cleansing the dangerous overpopulation. The bond between our brothers and sisters have never been stronger. Rebuilding efforts by the super technologies company ASPiRE Corp. has created a super city, a resilient information infrastructure, and has given the humans a new lease on life. The adverts claim “No barriers, No restrictions, Everything in your grasp, You are now truly free! Victory for all mankind!” ASPiRE to be {…}

    A timeless adventure about the ideals of one for the greatness of all. The creator stands at the helm, overseeing the flocks of enlightened frolicking about in their eternal retirement. Forgetful of what was and gleeful for what’s to come. He promises the end of oppression and the beginning of something truly wonderful. Something humans have been in search of since their origins. How long can this state of perfection last? This is humanity at its prime of existence in the evolutionary climb to the singularity. What lays ahead for us? Where can we go from here?

    A runaway youth finds his way from the luddites with an ideal to overthrow ASPiRE Corp. He dreams of starting a revolution but struggles to find the true meaning of freedom. Born into a world he doesn’t trust, he sets off on a journey to upend the very fabric of human existence for better or worse. Is he ready to be a great leader? It’s time for self discovery but he uncovers more time than he could ever dream of under his own free will. Stumbling upon the true meaning of hell on earth, he is trapped in this New World Order he despises and must find the inner strength to move forward… to ASPiRE.

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