Streaming Rights: Media in Jail

Mr. Robot is by far the best “hacker” show ever made. Possibly the best show USA has going for it. For once the producer has made an effort to use real computer terminology and scenarios. When you see someone typing on a screen, it is not added in later. They are really typing commands. But beyond the small things, Mr. Robot has great characters, rich with personality and complex backstories. The plot is strong and not some contrived mystery that will never be solved. I could go on and probably will do a review on Mr. Robot as soon as I get to watch it!!

hulu Plus on mobile is missing EP 1 and 5
hulu Plus on mobile is missing EP 1 and 5

USA released the pilot on YouTube for free. I was hooked and for a minute thought I just got screwed because I don’t have a cable plan. Will I need to subscribe to USA online or something? I checked Hulu Plus (one of my paid online services) and relief washed over me. They have it! Great. I immediately tried to send EP2 to my Chromecast. Opps…

No streaming on Chromecast

You must follow these rules
You must follow these rules!!

Looks like hulu hasn’t paid for the TV rights. There are 4 media streaming rights a service must pay for. Big home screen, Computer screen, Tablet screen and Mobile screen. The show played fine on my tablet and I used the cast screen feature to watch it on my TV (lip-sync is usually off a few frames when streaming from device to Chromecast). EP3 and EP 4 I watched on the train from my phone. Not a great experience and I miss lots of details. Then a co-worker starts telling me about EP5 and I have to stop him. I don’t have that EP yet. I pull out my phone and show him. He logs into hulu Plus on desktop and shows me it’s there. WTF? Ok, I will just watch it in the morning before I leave for work on my laptop.

hulu Plus cable provider screen
hulu Plus requires a cable subscription to watch EP5

No, I won’t. You see EP5 must be a break point in the plot and they are now requiring me to log into my cable company before I can watch it. Since I don’t have one I am screwed on all fronts even though I pay for hulu Plus. Don’t get me started with hulu Plus as a service. I can watch Mr. Robot at night with no ads at all. Straight through, end to end no ads. But watch it on the train on mobile (where I have limited data) and there are 5 ad blocks, some of which last 2 minutes. If I manage to get through 3/4 of the show and turn it off. Next time I try to resume it starts from the beginning and try jumping forward to where I left off requires sitting through all the ads first. That’s almost 10 minutes of ads I already watched. Some of them repeat.

What will I do now? (cliff-hanger)



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